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Used materials
The materials used are of a very good quality so that they can take a beating and you can enjoy your creation for a long time. In the case of textile printing, our aim is that they are good and easy to wash without fading immediately.

Applied technique
For most prints (imprints) a sublimation technique is used, which ensures that the special ink is enclosed by pressure and heat in the polyester top layer (invisible) of the product. This technique results in prints that are highly resistant to cleaning and / or washing up to 900C. Desired texts are generally included in your image, but can also be applied to textile products using so-called cut vinyl foil, which is available in various colors. Cut vinyl films are used of a good and flexible quality vinyl which are resistant to regular use and cleaning up to 800C.

Format print
In general, the chosen product determines the size of the print. For “T” and polo shirts this will generally be the A4 (29.5 x 21cm) and or A5 (Half A4) size, but we strive for a nicely balanced print as an XXL shirt can have a slightly larger print than a small one. child buddy. Standard is a print in ~ A4 format on the front / back or in ~ A5 format on the left and / or right chest of the shirt. If your photo has larger or different proportions than the desired print, you can indicate with your order an indication of the desired image crop. Top print will be positioned approximately 10 cm below the collar / neck.

Image resolution.
If you provide an image, it must have a minimum resolution of 200 dpi. (JPG format) Images that are downloaded from the internet usually only have 72 dpi and are therefore less suitable. If we have to scale up the supplied image to the desired size, this can lead to a disturbing loss of quality. Therefore, set your camera to medium to high resolution. If you scan an image yourself with a separate scanner, make sure to set the scanner's “output” format to the final (or slightly larger) desired size of the image. Do NOT send MsWord etc. documents with the images imported therein as this leads to a lot of quality loss.

Additional texts can be added (at no extra cost) integrated into your print. It is even better to apply the additional texts to textile products using vinyl foil cut letters. (extra cost) This gives an even more powerful look and they can also be printed outside your photo / image.

Optional background information.
Digital print With a transparent print, an image is printed on special paper using a photo printer. Applied printing technique is based on sublimation. This print is then transferred to the final product by means of pressure and relatively high temp. In principle, this technique can only be applied to white and / or light gray colored textiles or special effects must be desired, such as with our colored (gold, aluminum colored) metal products.

Photo print opaque
This technique is basically similar to the above technique but a different type of transfer material is used on which the imprint is applied. This transfer material is available in two types:

Poli-Flex, a white polyester material which gives a nice silky full color print. This material is very flexible but not stretchable. Printed with sublimation ink printing technique.
So-called DARK which gives a powerful full color print. Material is flexible and very stretchable. Printed with laser printer and / or pigment / solvent ink printing technique.
Flock transfer is a beautiful velvety material which is printed with sublimation ink printer technique. The above materials can be applied to all light and dark colored textiles. It is often nicer that prints with Poli-Flex, DARK and or Flock are cut according to the contours (or any pattern) of the applied image. This is to avoid large white edges / areas.
Sublimation is a technique in which the print is applied to the product using special sublimation ink and under high pressure and temperature. This technique ensures that the dyes are trapped in the material of the final product, so that the imprint becomes moisture-resistant and, if necessary, the product at a high temp without any problem. (max. 80900C) can be washed. Sublimation technique is only used on white fabrics / materials and exceptionally on very light colored material if special effects are desired.

Shelf life
The above techniques result in prints which are very resistant to regular use and which are easy to clean or to clean. wash at relatively high temperatures. (900C at sublimation and 800C at DARK)

Image file format.
Images can be delivered in a standard JPG format. Do NOT send Word etc. documents with the images imported therein as this will lead to a lot of quality loss. Send us your JPG file as an attachment in an email. If you have made an image yourself using CorelDraw, you can also send your image as a CorelDraw file (CDR) as an attachment.

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